Alice Zuberg

Alice Zuberg
Place of Origin
Rulid Village, Norlangarth Empire
Date of Birth
April 9th 361
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Alice Zuberg is one of the main characters in the Alicization Arc. She is the daughter of Rulid Village's chief Gasupht Zuberg, as well as the childhood friend of Eugeo and Kirito. Due to accidentally breaking a clause of the Taboo Index in her childhood, Alice was apprehended by Deusolbert Synthesis Seven and taken to the Central Cathedral, where she was forced to become an Integrity Knight, named Alice Synthesis Thirty, with her memories sealed. Having lost her will to fight following Supreme Priest Quinella's and Chief Elder Chudelkin's death and Kirito entering a comatose state in the aftermath of the battle, Alice returned to Rulid Village with Kirito to avoid possible retribution on the boy's life, reuniting with her sister Selka Zuberg there. Following a goblin attack on the village, during which Alice regained her desire to protect their world, Alice travelled to the Great Eastern Gate to join the Human Guardian Army in order to defend the Human Empire against an invasion by the Dark Territory Army. Alice has sparkling blue eyes, and long, golden hair that is tied to both sides of her head, and a braid running down from the back of her head, a bow attached at the end of the braid. She also wore a white lace around her forehead. As an Integrity Knight, Alice wore golden armor, a blue cape, white leather boots, and a white skirt (blue and white in the illustrations). In the real world, Alice is an android with her exact appearance from Underworld. She wears the SAO Survivor School uniform and white stockings. Alice was a determined, hard worker that aimed to master the Sacred Arts.[citation needed] Although her personality was serious, she was also adventurous and even mischievous, such as when she found loopholes in the Taboo Index and was willing to travel far to the Mountain Range at the Edge with enthusiasm, despite the risks.

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