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Allen Fromel
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Allen is small with blue eyes (yellow in the anime) and black hair, along with cat ears and a tail. Despite his size, he has a penetrating gaze, so intense that it frightens others, and his very presence seems violent, as if he could explode at any moment. His features are attractive but are not usually considered as such due to how dangerous he looks. Allen is only sparsely clad in armor. The little he uses is not designed to defend against attacks, out of the simple reason that he is the fastest in the city. His armor consists of a single silver shoulder protector covering his left shoulder. Extending from it is an emerald pelisse, a one-sided cloak. Additionally, he wears silver leg protectors covering his legs from his knee downwards. Allen is quite cocky and arrogant. He looks down upon everyone and is incredibly disrepectful when addressing them, be it ally or foe. He is also an extremely temperamental person, usually seeming like he is about to explode when annoyed, coupled with a constantly aggressive demeanor. Like the other members of the Freya Familia, Allen is extremely loyal to Freya. Because he wants Freya's love for himself, he is hostile towards the other members of his Familia, whom he sees as an obstacle and with whom he maintains a bad relationship of mutual hatred, as well as being jealous of Bell due to the attention he receives from Freya. Similarly, motivated by his devotion to his Goddess, he constantly seeks to strengthen himself so as to be worthy of her. He hates Freya's self-indulgent nature as he finds it quite problematic and has on occassions even suggested to keep her restrained in a specific place. Nonetheless, he has come to terms that said aspect is part of Freya's nature. As such, he believes denying her the chance to follow her desires and control her would make Freya lose what makes her who she is, and so prefers to remain annoyed than have it his way. He is also poison tongued, telling Ais to go die during the Loki Familia expedition. According to Syr, his tongue is sensitive to hot food, mentioning that he secretly blows on hot drinks to cool them down before drinking them. His height is implied to be a sensible topic for him, regarding which he has a particularly violent reaction. Allen is the older brother of Anya Fromel, however, they have both cut all ties with each other. Despite his attitude towards her, calling her even the person he hates the most in the world, Freya pointed out that Allen still loves her, which was demonstrated when he saw her while under the effects of Seale's curse, which made the opponent see their most loved one. His harsh and abusive attitude was in truth an extreme way of protecting his sister, having chosen to hate her and push her away so that she wouldn't die like the rest of their family. Allen's goal is to kill the One-Eyed Black Dragon to avenge the death of his parents and ensure Anya's happiness, as he believes it won't be secured until the black monster is slain. He wanted to stay with Freya and remained devoted to his Goddess since he believed that by doing so he could become stronger, allowing him to fulfill his goal.

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