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Alma was the mother of Historia Reiss, and the mistress and former servant of Rod Reiss. After she and her daughter were sent to live with her parents, she became an escort working in the city at night. Described by Historia as a very beautiful woman, Alma was slender and of average height. She had bright eyes and shoulder-length, blonde hair with bangs that brushed just past her eyebrows. When staying on the farm, she usually wore a plain button up shirt with a dark-colored skirt. She wore much finer clothing when going into the city. When she was a maidservant to the Reiss family, she wore a long black dress with a white apron and a white cap with her hair pulled back. She was likely to have had a more pleasant and understanding personality while in the presence of Rod Reiss, as he felt that she was the only one who could understand what he was going through. However, she carried a deep hatred towards Historia. Most of the time, she avoided speaking or even being in the same room as her. Alma only spoke to her daughter twice, and each time, she expressed deep regret for Historia having been born.

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