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Alpha (Aλφα) is the first member of Shadow Garden, being one of the original Seven Shadows, and a descendant of the "Elf Hero" Olivier. After Shadow cured her of demonic possession, she dedicated her life to him and destroying the Cult of Diablos. Second-in-command only in name, she acts as Shadow Garden's true leader, being its chief operating officer who grew it from a grassroots organization into an economic and military superpower. Alpha is a young elf with long golden-blonde hair and blue eyes. Her general appearance is described as breathtakingly beautiful, garnering ample attention and praise. Unblemished skin adds to her striking characteristics. She bears a strong resemblance to her ancestor Olivier, the Elf Hero, and her aunt Beatrix, the Goddess of War. Dark dresses are Alpha's typical attire, and several have been featured. One such dress is a side-slit evening gown with matching gloves, high heels, and a choker. The décolletage accentuates her curvaceous body and reveals a matinee pendant necklace. Alpha's less ostentatious choice is a simple black dress without a conspicuous neckline. It offers refinement through simplicity. During her Shadow Garden activities, Alpha wears the customary ebony slime bodysuit ornamented with gold accents and a cutout-style chest design. A gold diamond is centered on the lower sternum, with two gold stripes descending below the chest cutout. The stripes continue down until they conjoin the hip decorations. Along Alpha's hips are ornate golden streaks, adorned with three belts that wrap around her hamstrings. On her feet, she wears block high heels with gold-edged collars. Dark bracers covered in golden ornamentation protect her hands. For anonymity, she dons a pitch-black mask. It is in the style of a domino mask, having ornamental frills and flowers. Born from a devotion to her savior and malignity toward those who deprive many, herself included, of happiness, Alpha's sole purpose in life is to eliminate the Cult of Diablos. She jeeringly conveys contempt for the weak and the "ignoramuses" who are oblivious to the real world. Even for the shadow-enlightened, she can be cold if they lack ideals or ambition.Alpha's callous indifference regarding outsiders does not reflect her temperament in all circumstances. Acting as a Shadow Garden administrator, she presents as imperturbable, offering compendious replies and orders. This composed demeanor has crumbled in the face of suspected harm or betrayal from those she cherishes. Alpha conveys a larger emotional spectrum around the Seven Shadows and Cid. Ridiculing laughter is replaced with genuine giggling, and sororal compassion supersedes impassivity. She has called the Seven Shadows her family, periodically looking past faults and embracing them as her kin. The Possessed likewise arouses profound empathy from Alpha, and she endeavors to rescue as many as possible. The blonde elf's achievements have not tempered a deep sense of inferiority and inadequacy. Like many of the Seven Shadows, Alpha feels Shadow is in a realm beyond understanding, regarding her presence as a burden. Unsatisfied with personal deficiencies, she strives to shoulder Shadow's responsibilities and earn even a little more of his trust.

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