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Alpha is the second-in-command of Shadow Garden, being the first of the original "Seven Shadows", as well as a descendant of the "Elf Hero" Olivier. After being cured of Demon Possession by Shadow, she devoted her life to him and grew his organization rapidly into a world-class superpower in only two years. Alpha is a young, slender, voluptuous, and beautiful female elf with long golden blond hair and blue eyes. She has often been described as strongly resembling her ancestor, the "Elf Hero" Olivier, as well as the Goddess of War, Beatrix, who is strongly implied to be her aunt. In her civilian attire, Alpha normally wears a revealing dark decorative gown with opera gloves and high heels, a choker, and a necklace. Alpha tends to wear this look as her default fashion, usually when overseeing affairs within Shadow Garden. Depending on the occasion, Alpha will wear another attire, such as when she dressed as in a school uniform to see Cid after Princess Alexia's abduction and update him. During her Shadow Garden activities, she adorns herself in the customary slime bodysuit, with the chest area exposing her cleavage. There are also unique decorations patterned around her uniform, reminiscent of her gown's decor, with numerous gold accents displaying status. She wears Shadow Garden bracers with golden ends, lining, and design, signifying her authority. The lining of her shoulders connects at the throat where a piece of the bodysuit is stylistically placed over her sternum. Under her breasts, a gold diamond shape is centered atop her diaphragm, with two parallel gold trims starting from her bustier at the exposed cleavage and descends to where her torso meets her pelvis. Along her hips are ornate golden stripes, with symmetrical decoration of two belts originating from her inner thigh and a third belt around the center of the femur. Lastly, she wears platform high heels with gold edged collars. Additionally, in the written media, she wears a domino mask with an attached flower and frill to hide her identity when operating. However, her mask is omitted within the anime, showing her face to other characters such as the princesses Alexia Midgar, Rose Oriana and the cult 11th Seat Knight of Rounds, Jack Nelson. Alpha is driven by revenge against the Cult of Diablos, for the suffering she endured when she was a child. Hence why she is determined to make Shadow Garden prosper, in order to fulfill that goal and looks down on those who get in the way of her and her comrades. However, Alpha is more than that, being compassionate and loyal to Cid and her comrades in Shadow Garden. Alpha has the utmost faith in her master as she knows his full strength, but there are times she is concerned for his safety and well-being and pleads for him to trust her and Shadow Garden. Her faith is so strong, she's even willing to give her life to him and nearly did so when it looked like Shadow abandoned her and Shadow Garden. When such a betrayal was a consideration, Alpha rejoiced alongside the others when they learned he was actually covertly securing funds, which secured their civilian identities from association with Shadow Garden. As she spearheaded most of Shadow Garden's operation, Alpha always ensures that those under her command return safely and refuses to give them an order that she would not be willing to do herself. She extends this kindness to the victims of the Cult of Diablos as perfectly shown when she mercifully kills a mutated girl, knowing how much suffering she was going through.

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