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Place of Origin
Treasure Island
Date of Birth
February 14th 5723
160.00 cm
48.00 kg
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Amaryllis is a member of the Petrification Kingdom, a tribe of people who live on Treasure Island. She later joins Senku in his quest to defeat Ibara. Considered the most beautiful girl on Treasure Island, Amaryllis is a slim young woman with wavy, shoulder-length black hair. She has very large, innocent-looking eyes and delicate facial features, though she often comically twists her face into odd expressions when surprised, typically by the flippant attitude of Senku. Her hips and legs are very wide and curvy in proportion to her petite waist and upper body. She wears a long, translucent dress with shell-like bra adorned with the symbol of Treasure Island and large platform shoes typical of the Stone World inhabitants. On her neck, she wears a choker and on her head, she wears a stone headdress with two feathers stuck in it. Most of the decorations on her outfit are made of clams and pearls, with a focus on mother of pearl. She enjoys the attention she gets from men and was surprised when Senku showed no interest in her beauty. She nonetheless respects his intelligence and decides to ally with him, as they have similar goals. She disapproves of the petrification her people had propagated, as she decided she would marry the Head in order to kill him to stop him from petrifying more people. She is very manipulative, using her looks to her advantage to distract men or have them carry out favours for her (though it’s been shown that her motives are altruistic). Her real personality is somewhat more abrasive and short-tempered. She shows strong care for her friends, being horrified when she witnessed them being turned to stone for breaking a minor rule. She came to care for the crew of the Perseus due to them helping her and freeing her people from the tyranny of Ibara. This is seen again when she is reunited with them after nearly a decade and could not help but embrace Kohaku in their reunion. Like most people from the Stone world she is often amazed by Science such as the teargas weapon, the Perseus, make-up, and other things.

black hair brown eyes dreadlocks dreads fair skin lipstick long hair makeup medium breasts shoulder-length hair eyeliner
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