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Ame is a mentally-ill young girl with a needy personality, who has dropped out of school and has confined herself at home, living together with the self-insert player protagonist. In order to pay for rent, in addition to meeting her parasocial attention needs, Ame decides to commence livestreaming on the internet, where she takes on the persona of "OMGkawaiiAngel" or "KAngel" for short, interacting with her stream viewers as she dons her wig and makeup. Ame-chan is a young girl with a fair complexion and has medium-length black hair which she styles into messy twintails using red hair ties. She has slender dark-blue eyes with a grey gradient, but the right one is obscured by her bang. She wears a red shirt with puffy white sleeves, a black ribbon, a golden x-shaped hair clip, a black pinafore with golden accents and buttons, and simple black calf-high socks. She also has painted black and red nails to match her clothing. Despite her unassuming looks, Ame-chan is a ridiculously selfish and vapid girl with a strong desire for approval, to the point of changing her personality drastically to do so. She is known to get rude and insult the player character, as well being particularly tedious and giving them uncalled for criticism; despite being obsessive and reliant on them. She also tends to be self-deprecating and has anxieties, makes her insecure as well. She is extremely internet-addicted, something she acknowledges, but chooses not to fix.

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