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Amelia is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. She is an orphan from the small Grado village, Silva, and is a young girl who is inexperienced in combat. Amelia is a kindhearted and selfless girl with a strong desire to defend those she cares for since the incident in Silva. She is also stubborn and quite hesitant to speak about her past, but concedes to discussing it to people she feels close to, like Franz. This stubbornness often makes it hard for her to let go of an idea once she had it, having decided decisively she wanted to protect her loved ones by joining Grado's army. A major part of Amelia's desire to become stronger was in part due to the helplessness she felt when Silva was raided by bandits, prompting her wish to train in martial skill to be able to help herself as much as her loved ones. She hates the feeling of uselessness and as such is very eager to prove herself herself to the army. Despite this, her inexperience shows even given her best efforts, such as the Torch she inadvertently left behind in Serafew when making the preparatory trip to Grado's capital. She also, at least initially, shows some degree of naivete such as having believed Grado's propaganda on villainized accounts of Ephraim and Eirika's military victories. In addition, she tends to be overtly formal and polite around fellow personnel she doesn't know too well, only tending to get more informal after knowing the person well. She even notes to Franz she's "not used to being so casual", showcasing how much she cares about following protocol. Nonetheless, she still shows several moments of humor, especially when relaxed, such as teasing Ross for his desire to be her "big brother" given her rough childhood. It is hinted that she has a crush on Franz in her Support Conversations with Neimi. Also, in one such Support Conversation, it is revealed that she likes to cook. In another Support Conversation, it is shown that she had a songbird which she released prior to joining Grado's army.

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