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Ameno (アメノ, Ameno) is a kunoichi from Sunagakure and a teammate of Kōji and Shishio. She seems to have a caring and polite personality as shown when she healed Sakura Haruno, who was a complete stranger to her. She also seems to have a composed no-nonsense demeanour, which was seen when she stated that no one should have gone out to the desert during the evening and was further shown in the way she offered to heal Sakura's wound. She is very committed to her profession, so much that she willingly refuses payment from another Suna team for her services (even if she was visibly fatigued by it), showing a strong sense of loyalty towards her comrades. In battle, while relentless in her attacks, she firmly believes in her medical-nin status and tries to avoid damaging the enemy as much as possible. Appearance: Ameno has long brown hair that frames her face, fair skin and light-brown eyes with eyelashes. She keeps her hair in a ponytail with a pink hair-band. She has a Suna crest imprinted on the right side of her white collared and sleeveless outfit with a red violet sash and a brown cord, and wears black shorts and two forehead protectors on both her wrists. She also wears open-toed brown shinobi boots with shoe laces.

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