Ameri Azazel

Ameri Azazel
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March 13th
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Azazel Ameri (or Amelie) is the student council president of Babyls. One of the few convinced humans exist, despite them only being myth in the Demon World, her theories are confirmed when she realizes Iruma to be one. Ameri has long hip-length reddish-orange hair and red eyes. She has two long orange tufts protruding from her hair resembling horns or ears, which can show Ameri's emotions. She is quite tall, towering over most of the students and has a slim and curvaceous figure and is considered very beautiful by many students. Her fingernails are short and red. During her time when her personality was changed, the tufts on her head sank down on the side, and she wore a usual school uniform. Her facial features were much more softer and gentle. Many of the students found her to be very cute. She often wears a white sheer undershirt connected to a black choker on her neck, atop a black and white sleeveless vest with a sweetheart neckline and an orange collar. She also wears an orange and white skirt, pale pink thigh-high socks, and orange knee-high boots. Ameri is initially seen as a rather strict, cold and imposing person, disciplining demons that cause trouble in the school. She is rather serious, with a sense of responsibility in her actions as a student council president. Because of this, she can be quite forceful, using her strength and intimidating image to put demons in their place. She can have a temper, but her anger is only directed at a potential threat to her or the school. Despite this, she does not abuse her power and has helped several students who were former delinquents improve their academics and position, earning her their undying loyalty. She does have a sweet side, however, which can be seen in her love of romance manga, specifically 'Sweet Time Memory', a shoujo high school romance story. She blushes and smiles when gazing at the panels, even though she can't read them herself. Whenever this topic is brought up, she tends to get embarrassed easily and is likely inexperienced in romance. This is especially true in regards to her love life. After realizing her feelings for Iruma, she has since become more shy and bashful in his presence yet tries to maintain her tough image, making her somewhat of a tsundere around him, but aware of her feelings for him. She's also developed a running gag of misunderstanding some of what he says as romantic when he never said anything like that and Ameri realizing that he never did say such things when he points it out. Ameri is also a very capable student, ranking a Vau (6) despite being only a 2nd year, the highest rank for a student in the entire school. Iruma commented on how amazing she is for being the student president despite only being a 2nd year student. During the Walter Park, she easily defeated the rat demon by herself without any damage (though she did suffer drawbacks from her magic). Opera, Sullivan's servant and a powerful demon themselves, praised her skills commenting how much potential she has for someone so young. Intelligently, Ameri is also very smart and perceptive, as she was the only person in the whole school to correctly deduce Iruma is human based by the few odd achievements he achieved during his time there. And after their first meeting (and how she perceived he was "trying" to make her fall for her) she viewed this deduction as confirmed. Ameri is a firm believer in the concept of 'ambition'; a goal to strive towards and better yourself for. She believes that everyone should have their own ambition, to help others better themselves and strive for a goal in life, such as telling Iruma to learn to find an ambition for himself after learning he never thought of one. Her ambition is to improve the learning environment for the students and make the school a respected establishment, before helping her father in his work. She admits, though, that she also wouldn't mind running a bakery or flower store in the future. After Opera offered her a job as the principles assistant after graduating, she at first declined, but after realizing she'd be living with Iruma in the same house, (which she compares to being marriage) she immediately told Opera that she'd reconsider the offer. In spite of her usually strict and intimidating image, Ameri is truly a kind and thoughtful person, often putting others before herself. Although she usually punishes other demons for their brash behavior, she does so out of noble intentions, primarily to ensure the others in the school are safe. She also is not the type to discriminate, as even after knowing Iruma is human, she still interacts with him, encourages him to make an ambition for himself and even admitted she fell for him despite knowing he's human. Because of her duties to the student council, Ameri has a very busy schedule and rarely has time for herself. When she does, she enjoys spending time with Iruma and having him read "Sweet Time Memory" with her. Although she forced him at first to read it (and due to Iruma unable to deny requests from others), she later learned to give him choices of his own, but continues to read them to her due to him liking doing so. Furthermore, her responsibilities also made her realize that prior to meeting Iruma, similar to Clara and Iruma, she never had any friends since entering school. However, over time she seems to have formed her own friendship with Valac Clara, Crocell Kerori, and Ix Elizabetta during a girls-only sleepover and allowing her to relax and befriend them. When a fan club member casts magic that temporarily changes her personality, she becomes very meek and shy. She displays a more gentle personality who gets easily flustered by her surroundings that she even changed her dress because of how embarrassing it was. This personality was willing to give up her position as a student council president and be a normal student as long as she was with Iruma. When Iruma tells her such a desire is empty and reminds her ambitions (something she also told him), she slowly regained her confidence and reverted back to her original personality. One can tell what emotion Ameri is having by looking at her ear-like hair locks, if they are oblique, she is confident; when she is confused, they stay down midway; if she is shocked or surprised, they are fully erect, and when she is embarrassed or sad, her ears are down.

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