Amy Rose

Amy Rose
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Emī Rōzu
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Parreal earth
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90.00 cm
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Amy Rose, formerly known as Rosy the Rascal, is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with a major crush on Sonic the Hedgehog. Since meeting Sonic on Little Planet, Amy has become his self-proclaimed girlfriend and has attempted to win his heart by any means during their adventures. She wields the Piko Piko Hammer, a powerful melee weapon which she uses with skills second to none and never leaves home without. Amy is a cheerful, though slightly erratic girl, with a positive attitude and boundless energy. However, she has a scary temper and her infatuation with Sonic makes her shortsighted and a bit obsessive about him, having followed him everywhere since meeting him. Nevertheless, she has a pure heart and will not let anything stop her. Amy is a pink-furred anthropomorphic hedgehog with green eyes and peach skin on her muzzle and arms. She has a small black nose and no back spines. She also has two medium-length eyelashes on each side of her eyes. Additionally, her five short head quills point downwards, somewhat resembling a bob cut. She also has three spikes for bangs on her head, and a short tail. For attire, Amy wears a red, sleeveless, backless dress with white trim, tall red boots with a white stripe down the center and white cuffs, a red hairband, and white wrist-length gloves with gold bracelets for cuffs. When she was younger, Amy's five head quills were longer and pointed backwards, and she had a single back spine. Her eyes were black and she wore an orange ruffled or pleated skirt, a green shirt with puffed sleeves and a white collar, white and blue sneakers with orange shoelaces, white wrist-length gloves, and a red ribbon headband. During the Olympic Games, Amy sports a number of different outfits depending on the event and the environments she faces: For regular sporting events in the summer, she wears a deep pink minidress similar to her normal dress, but different around the shoulders, with the addition of black shorts underneath it, and deep pink sport shoes with white stripes, white cuffs, white shoelaces caught on yellow triangular hooked eyelets, and gray soles. She also wears white wrist-length gloves along with deep pink wristbands with a single white stripe. For winter and equestrian events, she wears a deep pink parka with white fur and pink trims and two dark pink draw-strings hanging from the collar with white pom poms decorating them, black leggings, pink cuffs with a single deep pink stripe, and pink and white zipped boots with yellow details and deep pink and pink cuffs. For swimming and gymnastic events, she wears a red and sleeveless one-piece swimsuit with white trim, a white and red-rimmed skirt, and red flats. She also wears her normal hairband and gloves. In Sonic Riders, she wears a white and deep pink dress-like tank top with deep pink sweatpants with a white stripe on each side, red wristbands with a single yellow stripe, and red sport shoes with white stripes, white shoelaces caught on yellow triangular hooked eyelets, and gray soles. Somewhat kind and girly, Amy is presented as an over-enthusiastic, but good natured hedgehog girl with a preference for cute things, sweets, and shopping. In Sonic the Hedgehog CD, she was referred to as an "optimistic tomboy" who loves fortunes and uses tarot cards. Because of her tomboyish nature, she became a playable character as a fighter in Sonic the Fighters. However, after Sonic Adventure, Amy had grown a more feminine personality, such as an interest in shopping and fashion, but that did not remove her tomboyish nature. However, in the later games, she has the personality of a girly-girl more so than a tomboy, unlike the earlier games. In the more recent games, Amy has become a bit more obsessive and far more aggressive, much to Sonic's dismay. She often shows her anger by pulling her Piko Piko Hammer out of Hammerspace, sometimes threatening Sonic with it. That being said Amy is rather temperamental, bossy, overbearing, and stubborn, much to the annoyance of a few characters. In Sonic Battle, her attraction towards "Boxercise" plays to both elements of her ever-changing personality: the exercise helping her lose weight to maintain her girlish figure, and the boxing to help her train when she's forced to fight. She also had shown a very powerful and aggressive attitude, willing to fight whenever necessary. Despite her aggressive tendencies, Amy has a kind heart, never gives up, and is one of the most optimistic and cheerful characters. Amy is always full of hope and is always cheering on for the good side of things. She almost never seems to find anything hopeless, as shown in Sonic Adventure, where she was determined to help the bird who had lost its family. In Sonic Adventure 2, Amy felt strongly that there was a chance for the world to be saved and that people were basically good (as she told Shadow). Amy is often a likable person she has rarely met anyone who she did not befriend (including Shadow and Blaze). Amy is a cheerful and caring individual, with a positive outlook on life, and an over sweeping infatuation for Sonic. Since Sonic Free Riders, Amy seems to be more bossy and infatuated with Sonic than before. This is most likely due to the more light and humorous nature of recent Sonic games. Amy's personality has added more a humorous factor in games like Sonic Colors, Sonic Free Riders, and Sonic Generations with her obsession for Sonic, which causes her to say silly and embarrassing things. Starting from Sonic Lost World, Amy appears to have matured. Although Amy maintains her crush on Sonic, she has learned more self-control over her demeanor towards him and is now more caring and level-headed.

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