Angela Ann Huel

Angela Ann Huel
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Angela Ann Huel, also known as the Eternal Witch, is one of the most powerful Witches in the world and one of The Origins. She is the Witch responsible for cursing Guideau. In her first body, Angela takes the form of a pretty,petite young woman. She has long, blonde hair and large yellow-orangish eyes with long eyelashes. Most is the time, she is shown with a playful, lighthearted smile. She is seen wearing multiple outfits, most of them pastel, consisting of shirts and cardigans, accompanied by a skirt. She keeps her hair loose, and has long bangs. In her vampire form, she has long, flowing black hair in stark contrast to her first form. She also has darker lips, and no bangs, if not a few strands from her let down hair. Her ultoma is under her right eye. It is shaped like a flowing river, or perhaps mist. Angela is a cruel, fun loving person. Despite being rather friendly and easy going, she cares about nothing except things she finds amusing. She seems to enjoy enticing reactions from people and will often laugh or smile when yelled at or challenged.

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