Anka Rheinberger

Anka Rheinberger
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June 1st
155.00 cm
53.00 kg
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Anka is a member of the Garrison and one of Dot Pixis's escorts, the other being Gustav. Anka is a young woman who has blonde hair, long enough to reach her neck, that is constantly tucked behind her ears. As a soldier, she is seen wearing the usual Garrison uniform. Not much is known about her personality, however, as a soldier, Anka is shown to express little to no emotion, except for the moment when she learns of the gate breach in Trost District, which leaves her shocked, and when she learns that the plan to seal the gate was a success she shows surprise and relief. She seemingly follows orders without any objections, not questioning Pixis for going with such an uncertain plan as using Eren Yeager in his Titan form to seal the breach in the gate. However, she also understands the feelings of other soldiers and stated that there is a limit to how much one can be motivated by fear. At the same time, it was shown that Anka's behavior towards Pixis is not completely formal, as she woke her superior up by slapping him as well as saying that she does not want to be stuck taking care of him.

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