Anna Yamada

Anna Yamada
Original Name
Romaji Name
Yamada Anna
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
September 10th
171.90 cm
55.50 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Charlie Wilson
Popularity # 2973
Like # 2629
Trash # 7972

Yamada Anna is the secondary protagonist of Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu. Yamada is a popular and fashionable young woman with an outwardly bright personality, though this can sometimes be a front for her insecurities. She is thirteen years old at the start of the series, and attends school alongside her classmates in Daijuni Middle School in Meguro, Tokyo, Class 2-3 (later 3-1). Yamada is a tall and curvaceous young woman who stands out when compared to her classmates. This causes some people to think that she is actually in High School or College. She wears fashionable and varied clothes when not at school, and has longish, straight, black hair that extends below her shoulders. She has two birthmarks on the right side of her neck, and one on her inner left thigh. Yamada on the surface has a very infectious and positive outlook on the world. She appears to be at the center of most of the social circles she is in, and is often the topic of discussion amongst her friend circle. Despite this, she seems to sometimes find that her relative fame and mature looks attracts shallow actors to her, such as Pickup-pai and Adachi. She has a mild case of androphobia because of this, and attempts to avoid contact with most men, such as when she refused to get powdered sugar on her cocoa bread when a boy was distributing it. Her friends seem aware of this, going out of their way to block men from coming in contact with her by forming a human wall around her. Her sometimes flighty personality also causes her to abandon her personal projects and ambitions. She has internalized this as a fear of her own abandonment, compounded by her dread of having shallow interactions with others. She is a self-admitted crybaby, sometimes shedding tears over fairly minor things, though this doesn't usually last long. Given her immaturity, she can be, albeit unintentionally, somewhat physically possessive or domineering of people, especially those who are much smaller than her like Chii and Ichikawa, though this is mostly played for comedy. Ultimately, Anna is a very kind, sweet and loving girl who is very considerate of others, and constantly apologizes if something's wrong. Yamada does work as a model and actress. While it is early in her career, she frets about her popularity, hoping people notice her in magazines and worrying about getting certain roles in movies or TV shows. Due to the manga's nature in having Ichikawa be the main voice of the manga, much of Yamada's personality is demonstrated through background elements, connecting events and character statements, or her actions, unlike his internal monologues which spell out things more clearly.

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