Anne Bonny and Mary Read

Anne Bonny and Mary Read
Original Name
アン・ボニー & メアリ・リード
Romaji Name
An Bonī & Meari Rīdo
Place of Origin
Caribbean Sea
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 3436
Like # 3235
Trash # 4839

Anne Bonny and Mary Read, Class Name Rider, is a Rider-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. A passionate, beautiful woman. She loves Mary dearly as a close friend, family member and younger sister. She has a character with a daredevil attitude and a wealth of experience, able to treat men skillfully, and she possesses a lively courage that brings shame to men, who is “not afraid of even death, greeting it with a laugh.” It is said that a portion of her “core” is heroic. Anne is very friendly to others unconditionally. A young woman who talks with her mouth in murmurs and with few words. Fundamentally, she has a quaint and ladylike character, but because she was raised as a man, she is forced to be tough and strongly masculine and hides her “core” that is feminine. She is a little rebellious against authority, and fights with a dauntless courage on the battlefield regardless of her relationship to either gender. Mary is initially hard to approach while eventually "becoming more emotionally attached than anybody else upon opening her heart." Both together takes into consideration of their Master and if they are of the “same class” as them. They are fundamentally a little rebellious, especially even more so if their partner is a person of the bourgeois class. They have no problem with people such as the naïve Shirou or with Rin who is neutral towards the authorities, but they feel that what they call "the worst compatibility" is being partnered with someone like Tokiomi. They possess no wish for the Holy Grail, but their nature as pirates makes them pursue it anyway.

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