Anzai Zenichi Husbando

Anzai Zenichi
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Anzai Zenichi is a minor recurring character, he is a Police Sergeant who seems to know the true nature behind the missing Bullies' disappearances, and wants to show "true justice" to Uruma. It was thought he might have become an antagonist later in the story. However, it was revealed that he was actually involved in the case of the murders of Uruma's family from the beginning, showing that he wanted to prevent Uruma from becoming a copy of the people who tormented him. Appearance: Anzai is a man, in his 30s or 40s, who has a stature that is above the average and a slender build. He has short slicked back brown hair. He typically wears a white button-up shirt with a black overcoat on top and black trousers. Personality: possible. He is also shown to be concerned and shocked when he witnessed Uruma's murder of Kuga. Rather than planning on prosecuting him, he hoped that Uruma didn't kill Kuga, as doing so would turn the young teenager into a monster himself.

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