Aoba Wakura

Aoba Wakura
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Aoba Wakura is the older sister of Yuuki Wakura who'd taught him about being a proper young man, but later went missing at least six-years prior in a Mato Disaster. After eating a peach in Mato, Aoba ended up transforming into a Humanoid Shuuki, then became the leader of the Hidden Village, which houses other Humanoid Shuuki. Aoba is a beautiful black-haired young woman and matching eyes with a slender yet well-endowed figure, her hair has two white strands that points to the left. After being turned into a Humanoid Shuuki, Aoba gained long white hair with two strands that stick up and two others which seems to orbit around her hair and gold slit eyes. Similar to all other Humanoid Shuuki, she is dressed in a black skintight suit with a white overcoat and boots that have black markings. From her initial appearance as a Shuuki Humanoid, Aoba has shown to have a strong hatred for all the Anti-Demon Corps to the point of attacking their unit members on sight. But, openly shows off a playful and nonchalant mindset even in the midst of attacking the 7th Unit.[

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