Aoi Miyamori

Aoi Miyamori
Original Name
Romaji Name
Miyamori Aoi
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Date of Birth
160.00 cm
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Popularity # 1908
Like # 1692
Trash # 5463

Aoi Miyamori is the protagonist of SHIROBAKO anime series. She is in the production department at Musani Animation. Aoi is a short young girl fresh out of college with straight neck-length caramel hair that has bangs swept on the right side and big grayish green eyes. Her main outfit is a white frilly shirt beneath a short, black dress, along with a blue two-button blazer with three quarter length sleeves, matching blue socks and blue sneakers with pink laces. Aoi has a bright, cheerful and energetic personality who always strives to stay positive no matter how murky the problem. She is also hardworking and cares a lot for her friends. She always tries to stay calm in stressful situations. Although a fresh face at Musani Animation, she quickly learns how to cope with the everyday stresses of her job. Her diligence and determination to find a solution to every predicament garnered the respect of many of her colleagues and acquaintances in the industry, alike. She is very persistent and patient when caught in between predicaments at work. In the movie, Aoi was deeply affected by the Time Hippo incident, which causes her to be in an unusually deep depression before making SIVA.

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