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Appare Sorano
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Sorano Appare
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Appare Sorano is the socially awkward genius with a love for engineering in Appare-Ranman! Appare Sorano is a young male with messy, maroon-colored hair with a couple of white tufts. He accessorizes his hair with a strange monocle-goggle that only covers one eye. He has gray eyes and two red dots on the corners of his mouth. He wears unique, knee-length overalls with a type of yellow onesie underneath. Over this, he wears a pink and purple Haori with painted white clouds on its lower half, and a red sun on the back. On his feet are traditional Japanese Geta with blue straps. His design also includes a Tasuki(used for holding up long sleeves) made of a thick red and white twisted rope (similar to a Shimenawa or a Temple bell rope) which ties into a bow on his back. Along with one light brown glove on his right hand, utility pouches on his left side, and around his neck is a good luck charm given to him by his sister. Appare is socially awkward but a genius engineer. He often comes off as overly confident, rude, and apathetic towards others. He is also extremely self driven and dreams of achieving the impossible. His quotes like, "It wouldn't be fun if it were easy", makes it obvious that he rather enjoys challenges. He fled Japan in a boat he crafted himself to escape the disapproval from his family and the entire village. He now plans to win the transcontinental race in America, with a car he built himself. Appare is a very stoic person and rarely shows his emotions. Even when his life was in danger, he barely even flinched. Although, he relies much on logic at the beginning, we can see him slowly becoming more human and making emotional decisions after making a lot of friends in Los Angeles.

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