Aquamarine Hoshino Husbando

Aquamarine Hoshino
Original Name
星野 愛久愛海
Romaji Name
Hoshino Akuamarin
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
172.00 cm
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Aqua Hoshino, full name, Aquamarine Hoshino or more commonly referred to as just Aqua, is the male protagonist and one of the titular characters of Oshi no Ko. In his previous life, he was known as Gorou Amamiya, a medical doctor who was murdered by a stalker of one of his patients, Ai Hoshino, and reincarnated as the latter's child. An orphan and a fan of Ai in his previous life, he enjoyed being her child, entering the entertainment world from an early age. Unfortunately, this happy life ended when the same stalker who killed him in his previous life murdered his new mother as he watched. This event fundamentally changed him, prompting him to go down down the dark side of the entertainment industry to find the person who sold Ai out, his father. As a child, Aqua was often called cute by those around him. As he grows older, Aqua becomes a relatively tall boy who is described as "handsome" with blonde hair, much like his younger twin sister Ruby Hoshino. He also long bangs hanging on the left side of his face and aquamarine blue eyes, which his late mother Ai Hoshino named him after, that features a star in his right eye, symbolizing that he and his sister are halves of their mother. He often changes his appearance due to his job as an actor. Due to being Ai's son, many people were able to point out their similarities despite being unaware of his pedigree. Much to Aqua's dismay, as before Chapter 105, he wanted to keep the truth about his late mother from being known to the general public. He also bears a strong resemblance to his biological father Hikaru Kamiki. Before the tragedy that struck his family, Aqua was considered relatively normal other than his unparalleled prodigious talent in acting even as a child and his quick wit and intelligence like reading complex books. With him retaining his past experiences, he accomplished many things not expected for someone his age. Performing acting jobs was something he was open to and excelled at. After the tragedy that killed his mother, Ai Hoshino, he changed and became cold, calculated, cunning, and discreet, willing to do whatever means necessary to see his goal of finding his father through. His psychological trauma from Ai's murder tends to resurface anytime he seems to forget his goals. This is the case when Kana Arima suggested that he'd look back at his happy memories in Chapter 50 to improve his acting on the spot. It is a case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and doubles as an active reminder to not stray from his original purpose of vengeance. He blames himself for being weak-willed during that moment, even though he was but a child. However, he used these negative emotions to exemplify his acting performance during his scenes in the Tokyo Blade Theatrical. Aqua is described as someone with emotional distance; he is shocked when he hears from Kana that he is ''gloomy'', but despite this, he does genuinely care about the people close to him. Aqua is overly protective of Ruby, his younger twin sister. It is mainly described by Taishi Gotanda, his mentor, as someone with a sister complex, which is understandable since he was initially unwilling to let his sister become an idol and suffer the same fate as their mother. Thus, he surreptitiously destroyed almost every chance Ruby could get to be promoted due to this overprotective nature, despite knowing how she longed to follow in their mother's footsteps. Ultimately, he helped Ruby and the new B-Komachi group prepare for a gig so they could accomplish a task long thought impossible. He was also one of the main driving forces behind a project that served to save Akane Kurokawa's reputation.

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