Archid Olter Husbando

Archid Olter
Original Name
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Place of Origin
Kingdom of Fremmevilla
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Damon Cross
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Trash # 37489

Archid(Kid) is Ernesti(Eru's)friend and Adeltrud(Ady)'s twin brother, born from a noble family. However, because their mother was not from the same standing, they were separated from their father and were brought up in a distant town. He is kind and laid back. He can perceive certain situations and be quite reckless. He is blunt most of the time and cares deeply for Ady and his friends. Kid is tall, with spiky black hair and brown eyes. He tends to wear a maroon coat with white and gold highlights. During his middle school days, his and Ady's abilities were on par with or perhaps even surpassed their upperclassmen, including Edgar, this due to the training he had gone through under Eru. He follows Eru most of the time and considers him his mentor. Although Eru's abilities are far superior, Kid has abilities heavily acknowledged by his peers. He knows when to back down and very brave. He shows great fortitude and prefers to use raw power. However, he is also quite good at techniques although not as good as Eru and Ady.

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