Aries Spring

Aries Spring
Original Name
アりエス スプりング
Romaji Name
Ariesu Spuringu
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
April 20th
162.00 cm
52.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 4340
Like # 3882
Trash # 9161

Aries Spring is a member of Group B-5. She likes poetry and seems to have an interest in fashion. She makes it her goal to befriend everyone on the trip. Aries has a light complexion, with pink hair that curls slightly at the very end. Her most distinctive physical feature is her heterochromia; her left and right eyes are green and yellow, respectively. Her crust suit, manufactured by Hyperion, is mostly white and pink, and the decorative pieces in her hair are Hyperion-made to go with her suit. Aries is a very cheerful and optimistic girl. She can be quite forgetful with regard to spatial awareness, often forgetting things such as packing her passport before Planet Camp. She also tends to get her words mixed up and say random things. According to her friends, she is careless and is frequently told that she can't take a hint. However, she can be pretty clever at times, coming up with solutions the others hadn't thought of, like when she suggested they use part of the Ark VI to repair the Astra. She is also a very grateful person, prone to repeatedly thanking someone who has helped her.

heterochromia photographic memory bangs cheerful fair skin green eyes medium breasts optimistic pink hair short hair teen thin eyebrows
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