Arslan Altan

Arslan Altan
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Arslan Altan is the leader of Team ABRN. Arslan and her team were first revealed at the RTX 2015 RWBY Panel on August 7th, 2015. Arslan is seen fighting Yang Xiao Long during the Vytal Festival Tournament. Arslan has a dark complexion, platinum blonde hair and olive green eyes. She wears a yellow robe with only one wide, loose fitting sleeve over a black tube top. She also has black pants and shoes and a red sash embroidered with a white "endless knot" on it. She has bandages on both her legs and arms, as well as a red necklace and what appears to be two matching red sticks on the back left side of her head. In her concept art, she wore both sleeves, which hung loosely at her side, exposing her shoulders. Her tank top also had straps. She wore boots instead of shoes and lacked the pins in her hair and necklace. In their place, she had red bands in her hair.

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