Artemisia Bell Ashcroft

Artemisia Bell Ashcroft
Original Name
Romaji Name
Arutemishia Beru Ashukurofuto
Appears In
Date a Live IV
Place of Origin
United Kingdom
Date of Birth
162.00 cm
Blood Type
89.00 cm
62.00 cm
88.00 cm
Submitted By
Popularity # 4002
Like # 3661
Trash # 6312

Artemisia Bell Ashcroft is a member of the British equivalent of the AST, which is the SSS. She is the top Wizard of the organization and is known for her kind and cheerful personality. In the new timeline, she is brainwashed into becoming DEM's new Adeptus 2. Artemisia is a girl with long blond hair that she wears in a semi-braid. She has light skin and blue eyes. In her casual attire, she wears a one-piece dress with sandals. When wearing her CR-Unit, she wears a futuristic neon blue armor that makes her resemble a medieval knight. Her height is 162 cm and her three sizes are B89/W62/H88. While as a member of SSS, she had a kind and cheerful personality that made it easy for her to make friends. She was also very thoughtful and considerate since she wanted to use her powers for the betterment of humanity. However, after joining DEM, she has become much more melancholic, becoming very tense and only giving brief responses when approached. She later displays a more friendly attitude when off duty. However, during combat, she is merciless toward Spirits, musing that she can kill Origami without regrets after learning she is one. However, the headache and confusion she received when Origami mentioned the SSS indicate that her new ruthless personality stemmed from her memories being manipulated. After the final battle against DEM, Artemisia regained her old memories before entering DEM. However, she now has difficulty recalling what had transpired during her time working for the company. Nevertheless, the return of her old memories meant that she reverted back to her innocent personality and easily befriended the AST squad again.

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