Arthur Husbando

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Separated from his mother and sister from a young age, Arthur perpetually grew up in Silesse alone, mastering the art of Wind Magic. He later meets and travels with Fee to search for Tine, who at the time is in Alster, which leads to the events of Chapter 6. He initially holds a grudge towards his uncle, Bloom, for wrenching his family away from him, but later develops a deep hatred for his aunt, Hilda, as well, as he learns from Tine that she is directly responsible for inflicting the most amount of pain, abuse, and suffering to his mother and sister. Arthur seems to be rude and harsh on the outside, but is, in actuality, a kind and sensitive individual on the inside, shown in a battle conversation with Fee. Arthur is also cool-headed, logical and sharp in his responses to quips made towards him by Fee. Arthur's vulnerable side is revealed upon his learning of his mother Tailtiu's tragic fate and the suffering his surviving sister Tine endured. This results in him being concerned, and protective over Tine, as he resolves to never be separated from her ever again.

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