Artoria Avalon

Artoria Avalon
Original Name
Romaji Name
Arutoria Avaron
Place of Origin
Britain, England
Date of Birth
174.00 cm
42.00 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 6859
Like # 5944
Trash # 17106

Artoria Avalon, Class Name Caster, is a Caster-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. She looks exactly like Tonelico did. This is because fairies who have the same purpose are born with the same appearance. An innocent and very energetic girl. Artoria has the figure of a perfectly commonplace girl who hates to lose, is strong in the face of criticism and adversity, values the surrounding atmosphere more than anything else, and hides her true feelings from everyone. This Artoria was summoned to Chaldea earlier. Her relationship with the Master is said to be more along the lines of "a fellow friend one can rely on" rather than say "a hero and a mage". Staring in wonder when looking at the King of Knights Artoria, becoming depressed when looking at the Artoria who became a tyrant, and happily smiling while saying "That looks nice!" from the bottom of her heart when looking at the swimsuit Artoria; such is this Artoria. She knows her destiny but is afraid to face it and wishes that she was not the Child of Prophecy. Feeling unworthy of and not wanting such a lofty title, she does her best to hide her true identity, but she gets noticeably nervous whenever someone asks about the Child of Prophecy’s identity. When people do find out about her true identity, they usually react with doubt and surprise since she is initially weaker than the average fairy. Artoria, for her part, just wants to be considered a normal girl. She is aware that most people only to support her in fulfilling her destiny for their own self-serving ends and their self-preservation. But she also knows when people want to genuinely support her, even accepting worthless junk given as gifts because she can see the gratitude in their eyes. Her pessimism about her destiny and inferiority complex resulted from her treatment by the people of Tintagel. For sixteen years, she endured as they forced their expectations on her while abusing for being a burden. The only person who cared for her was Ector. Yet despite her mistreatment, Artoria was left severely traumatized when the Fang Clan razed Tintagel to the ground. Any scene that reminds her of that trauma causes Artoria to be consumed by rage and hatred towards the perpetrators. In general, she refuses to confront her past even when forced to. In truth, she doesn’t care about saving Britain, and deceives herself to fulfill her duty to meet others’ expectations. Instead, she fights for the sake of humans and fairies for a currently undisclosed reason. She also fears having nowhere to go once her duty is fulfilled. But she will grow to see all lives on the planet as the same and vows to protect them, regardless if they’re from the Proper Human History, Singularities, or Lostbelts. The Artoria from Pan-Human History had a straightforward personality, but the Artoria from the Lostbelt is not that strong. In the inside, she is a pessimist with extremely frail and timid disposition. In her heart, she lets out a sigh while thinking that both herself as a "Child of Prophecy" and the surrounding people that self-destruct as they place their expectations on such a thing are foolish. (It is not like she has burned out or is looking down on them. She is merely feeling heavy.) Still, since she is mindful about the surrounding mood, Artoria does not reveal those inner aspects of herself and instead ends up keeping up with the appearances by saying "ok, leave it to me!" and behaving exactly as the surroundings expect. All because she doesn't want to have a quarrel with anyone, doesn't want to hate anyone. A hard-working commoner who is bad at the essentials, makes a lot of blunders and stumbles all over her path. Her only merit is the fact she is quick to get up after a fall. As such, her stock phrase is "sorry for being weak. I will work hard, I will work hard". Her inner monologue at times like these is something like "I'm scared of fighting. Mutual hate is tiresome. I'm much happier living normally." Although she is constantly "finding faults in herself" in this manner, one can say that the very fact that her personality which "worries about the surroundings, without falling to evil nor forgetting about decorum" does not waver no matter what sort of harsh circumstances・cruel treatment she faces serves as a proof that she is an aristocrat. The definite difference between her and Oberon is that one point. During the journey of pilgrimage, while the motivation of the fake Child of Prophecy was "I'm scared, but I'll work hard because I want to help everyone", the motivation of the true Child of Prophecy was "I'm scared, but saying such a thing would make everyone disappointed, so I have no choice but to work hard". She kept hiding a negative mental state in which "everyone is scary, society is disgusting and I can't keep my motivation up even if you tell me to save the world. But since going against the surroundings is also unpleasant, I'll work hard as a saviour". Although that ended up becoming "a noble deed in the eyes of others", "the same way of being as King Arthur", Artoria Caster's inner aspects are awfully abject, pessimistic and negative. As such, she is always finding faults in herself. "I was able to persevere this time, but most likely, next time, I will probably end up giving up on everything..." If the Fairy Kingdom is a fairy-tale pictured by Morgan, the journey of pilgrimage is a fairy-tale describing Artoria's growth. Despite appearing to fill the same role as Dorothy - the protagonist of "Wizard of Oz" - she actually possesses a weakness akin to an aggregation of the scarecrow that can't walk properly (can't see his own feet, has no wits), the woodcutter with a hollow heart and the lion that don't want to display courage. Why was this Artoria able to remain as the "Child of Prophecy" to the very end? What was she fighting for? That answer becomes the end of her story.

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