Asougi Goushi Husbando

Asougi Goushi
Original Name
阿僧祇 豪志
Romaji Name
Gōshi Asōgi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
175.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 29153
Like # 30788
Trash # 18370

Goushi used to be an unfashionably-dressed, heavy, chubby man with plenty of fat on both his nice but childish face and his stomach. One day, he happened to visit a cafe, where he became attracted to Kanzaki Elsa, one of the waitresses working at the cafe, to such an extent that he began to stalk her, memorizing all possible paths on her daily route to be able to follow her without drawing attention to himself by constantly being behind her. When the waitress was one day ambushed by a salaryman, Goushi saved her but was injured during the brawl. Thus, he was offered to get his injuries treated by Elsa at her flat. Entranced by her offer, Goushi followed the girl to her flat. However, when he regained his awareness, he found himself tied up, with Elsa revealing that she was aware of him stalking her. Goushi was then scolded, verbally abused, and beaten by Elsa until morning, when he was released and threatened to not expose her. After that night, Goushi was forced to become the girl's "lover": whenever he was summoned by her, he had to come to her aid each time, regardless of his current situation, thus becoming unable to search for a job or continue his studies at university. However, Goushi enjoyed being of use to the girl he loved and, during the course of completing errands for her, he lost weight and became her manager.

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