Astrid Bloom

Astrid Bloom
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Astrid grew up as a normal child, with her loving mother and father, in England. When she was a child, her father passed away. After nine month later, Astrid's mom met a man by the name of Aubrey Chilton and got married. Astrid has mixed feeling about her mom getting married again, but found it in her heart to accept the new couple. Her mother and stepfather had another child not long after their marriage. She had a new sister Yvonne. The changes happened rapidly, changing Astrid's room into a nursery while she slept on the couch. As years went by, Astrid become increasingly depressed, resentful and enraged. When she reached the age of thirteen, her telepathic abilities activated. Bloom claimed her mother favored Astrid's half-sister Yvonne over her, later sending her away after learning of her powers. Emma later found that Astrid's purported background history was a fraud: in truth, Astrid had mind-controlled Yvonne into killing their parents. Yvonne was sent to a mental institution shortly thereafter. Astrid then moved to New York City. This taught Astrid to count on her own self. It is unknown how she got accepted to Empire State University, but there she met Emma Frost who she found to be a mutant as well. Astrid taught Emma how to use her powers. Astrid later on got close to Emma, like a sister. They told each other everything. Though deep down inside, Astrid was planning an evil scheme to bring down Emma. She had also been subtly manipulating Emma in order turn her against both males and non-mutant humanity. Astrid controlled the mind of Ian (Emma's boyfriend at the time) and made him act as a chauvinistic bigot. Emma soon found out that Astrid was making Ian do wicked things. Though she tried to explain to Emma that she did it so he would not break her heart in the mere future, Emma saw through Astrid's false sincerity. In a desperate effort to control Emma, while simultaneously framing Emma's male love-interest for the crime of assault; Bloom attempted to temporarily imprison Emma by trapping Frost's psyche within her (Astrid's) own psyche. This however proved to be a disastrous strategy to use against another telepath, as it allowed Emma to instantly review and assimilate all of Astrid's memories, knowledge, skills, and abilities, including all she knew about telepathic utilization and combat. Now armed with the technical skill to back up her far superior power level; Emma freed herself, then confronted and psionically lashed out against an incredulous Astrid. The confrontation was short, with Bloom having never stood a chance. Astrid was left catatonic by Emma who seemingly destroyed her mind. It is unknown whether Astrid lost her powers in M-Day.

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