Asuka Takizawa

Asuka Takizawa
Original Name
Romaji Name
Takizawa Asuka
Place of Origin
Aozora City
Date of Birth
October 15th
Blood Type
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Popularity # 20150
Like # 17857
Trash # 37330

Takizawa Asuka is one of the five main Cures in Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure. She is a third-year student at Aozora Middle School. Asuka's alter ego is Cure Flamingo, and her charm point is her hair. Asuka has sharp purple eyes and long, rust red hair with her spiked bangs layered towards the side. Casually, she wears a cropped pale blue tank-top beneath a cropped, loose red shirt, along with a black choker, short blue pants with black stripes on each side, and blue sandals. She also wears the red Heart Kuru Ring on her left middle finger. During winter, she wears a cropped red hoodie with white and yellow laces, silver shorts with a white stripe on each side, dark blue leg warmers, and red shoes with white laces and soles. In the movie, she wears a grey turtleneck and a dark red madras shorts beneath a matching jacket, a beige ascot caps, a necklace with a golden orb, and dark grey boots. As Cure Flamingo, her hair grows out and becomes bright crimson with turquoise streaks and she gains light pink heart-shaped flecks on her eyes. She wears a feathery pink and blue barrette attached to a gold beak-like triangle. She wears a single gold earring with a feather dangling on her left ear. She wears a white cropped shirt with off-shoulder feathered sleeves and a peach collar lined in white and red. At the center is a gold shell with red ribbon strands. She wears a short white skirt with a shorter ruffled red skirt over it and her Tropical Pact rests on a white bow. On her right are thick light green ruffles. She also gains fishnet stockings with red and white boots, and white finger-less gloves with a red cuff. In her Excellen-Tropical Style, her hair lengthens and thickens, with two yellow streaks added in. Her barrette turns red with deep crimson tips at the top and light red feathers near the triangle. Her collar now reveals her collarbone and turns white with a red stripe while her top turns red with a short light red wing-like cape. Her skirt lengthens with the white part turning mint green and the ruffle on the right turning white and lengthening as well. The top of the skirt is light red with green pearls around the waist and a light green ruffle at the bottom. She now wears a white and red choker with a red gem hanging from it. Her gloves become white frilly wristbands with red bands around the wrist and she is now barefoot with red leg warmers. In her Snow Crystal Tropical Style, her outfit contains elements of Cure Moonlight's Super Silhouette form. Her hair grows longer while a small gold tiara with a red heart in the middle appears near her hairpiece. Light purple wings appear on top of her usual sleeves and on the left is a white rose with the dark green Heartcatch insignia on top. A spiky light purple skirt appears over her usual skirt while the green ruffles on the right grow longer. On her chest is a red bow. Her right glove grows to opera-length while her left glove gains a feathery ruffle and bows appear on the wristbands. Her boots have white crisscrossed designs on it with pale red ribbons at the back of the ankle. On her back is a pair of rainbow heart-shaped wings. Asuka is an athletic 3rd year middle school student with a strong sense of justice. At first glance, she appears to be cool and unapproachable, especially towards Yuriko. However, she is actually a very reliable big sister type. In fact, she really loves to cook and play cute animal games. Despite normally being a sisterly figure to her younger friends, Asuka can be extremely reckless and sometimes has a short temper, which make conflicts arise that she usually doesn't intend to cause.

junior high student purple eyes athletic
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