Atla Fayon

Atla Fayon
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Atla is a slave that was purchased by Naofumi Iwatani along with her brother, Fohl, to help Raphtalia's village in fighting the Waves of Calamity. She has since become a valuable ally to the Shield Hero. Atla has the appearance of a 10-year-old demi-human of the Hakuko race. She has ears and a tail similar to that of her older brother, Fohl, but it's hard to tell if they are from the same race. Despite being a slave, her white and black hair is glossy while her skin is smooth and pale. Her appearance has been compared to that of a porcelain doll. When we first meet Atla, her body is covered entirely in bandages. Beneath those bandages hid festering and painful sores. Upon seeing her for the first time, Naofumi wonders "Is this mummy even alive?." Atla is strong-willed and exceptionally smart. She always seeks to gain Naofumi's attention and would do anything to gain his affection. She has a tendency to punish anyone who gets between her and Naofumi, especially her elder brother Fohl. The love she has for Naofumi borders on the obsessive. She is very decisive and often takes the initiative when partaking in anything relating to Naofumi.

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