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Aurora, also known as the demon Diablos, is a mysterious person from the ancient past, regarded as the "Witch of Calamity" who plunged the world into chaos. At present, the eponymous "Cult of Diablos" is trying to harness her power for their own ends. Following the "Red Moon Incident", her spirit began residing within Claire Kagenou's body as a vessel. Aurora, an exceptionally beautiful and exquisite woman of unparalleled elegance, radiates a class that distinguishes her. Her striking features epitomize her captivating charm. She boasts a stunning face framed by long, violet-black hair. Her eyes are a captivating shade of violet, and a beauty mark the right side of her mouth. With a tall and slender figure, she embodies the quintessential image of a beautiful woman, complete with an ample chest, gracefully curved legs, and nearly translucent skin. Cid Kagenou himself has described her as a woman of unparalleled beauty, akin to a work of art brought to life. Aurora wears 2 half-shaped golden decorative earrings with an earring drop in both ears, with a tied-up hairstyle of 3 large tails that reach down to her feet, being the one in the middle length and more collected than those of the other 2 sides. She wears a semi-purple black dress with gold accents, a long black robe coat that had long sleeves that reached her hands accented with a gold decorative silhouette that covered the back, and black high-heeled shoes. Her dress is generally looks like a veiled woman, leaving her medium neckline uncovered with a green jewels around the neck, with a golden-yellowish green jeweled silhouette on the right-side of the middle above the abdomen, attached to a long 2-layer skirt, which raised the front part a little slightly to cover the knees and dark purple heels. As a child, Aurora wore a long white dress-robe similar to a patient at a hospital. While Aurora possesses the body of Claire Kagenou, Claire's appearance remains unchanged except for her eyes and mannerisms. As noted by Beta in the Light Novel and Manga, Aurora's character takes over Claire's form but does not present itself due to Claire's lesser magic power than Aurora. In the anime, Aurora adopts the same body shape that she had along with her physical appearance and features, but retaining the clothing that the host was wearing before Aurora possessed her. Although, by retaining the clothing, it constricts her a little at the blouse level on her chest that Aurora has to open her neckline a little. Due to Aurora's amnesia, little is known about her past or motives. She is playful, humorous, and seems to be fond of Cid Kagenou. She had lost most of her memories from centuries of isolation by the time the current day of the "Goddess's Trial" happened. However, it's revealed she retained a lot more memories than she lets on. While reviewing the past memories, she has shown disappointment and is probably apathetic towards her younger self. Following her freedom from the Sanctuary, she requests Cid to kill her. After having entered the body of Cid's sister, Claire Kagenou, she spends her time in an observant way and having fun watching Claire interact with other people, especially with other girls, who try to flirt with her brother. Aurora shows herself concerned with Claire when she gets into dangerous situations and has her sometimes to train her body so that she can use it to draw out and use more magical power, even if it is for a limited period of time. Aurora, on several occasions, hints to Claire about the true identity of her own brother, Cid and the things he really does, but does not tell her directly for certain reasons, which according to her, it is better for her not to say, and she replies to Claire not to risk so much and to trust more in that "person", since he has always been protecting her since she was little.

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