Aya Kōda

Aya Kōda
Original Name
幸田 文
Romaji Name
Kōda Aya
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
September 1st
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Aya Kōda is a civilian who assisted Doppo Kunikida in a bomb-related case in Yokohama. She is later involved in the airport fiasco in the midst of the vampire infection outbreak, where she aims to prove the innocence of the Armed Detective Agency, who are framed for terrorism, and expose the true mastermind behind the worldwide incident. Aya is a young girl with red hair that is worn in a bob with hairpins on both sides of her hair. She wears a tan duffel coat with two off-center fastenings. Underneath her coat, she wears a yellow dress with violet tights and pink shoes. Aya is a spirited girl who calls herself a warrior of justice and practices martial arts every day. She is stubborn, refusing to take no for an answer, and makes fun of Doppo Kunikida often. She seems to value helping others and is willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of others. Moreover, Aya is quite bright, able to deduce whatever is inside the coffin with Ōchi Fukuchi to be possibly the source of the global vampire outbreak, even by seeing it only for the first time. Along this process, she comes up with a way to expose the true mastermind of the terrorism plot without having to risk her life. However, capturing Fukuchi's photo with a flash might show her shortsightedness in such a crucial scenario. Nonetheless, even amidst her presence partially found out, Aya's quick thinking allows her to evade Fukuchi at least twice.

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