Ayaka Sajyou (Strange Fake)

Ayaka Sajyou (Strange Fake)
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Ayaka Sajyou
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Ayaka Sajyou (アヤカ・サジョウ, Ayaka Sajō?) is the "True" Master of Saber in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake after usurping the summoning from Saber's original Master, Cashura. She is the subject of an urban legend ghost story in Fuyuki City. Described as Person A (A氏, A-shi?), she is said to have disappeared in the past after a family suicide in the apartment next to her. Ayaka was a student who moved to Fuyuki's Shinto in the beginning of spring shortly after turning twenty. She rented room two on the eleventh floor of Semina Apartments. There was a family suicide during the fall, and she went missing a month later. Although the police were asked to start an investigation, it turned up nothing, Kaede Makidera claiming that Person A only went on a journey of self-discovery and that she will come back when she becomes stronger. The story later become told as a ghost story by Ayako Mitsuzuri with an unknown amount of embellishment. The "Little Red Riding Hood of Semina Apartments" is a common ghost story known by students in Homurahara Academy, to which Taiga Fujimura has banned them.

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