Ayako Mitsuzuri

Ayako Mitsuzuri
Original Name
Romaji Name
Mitsuzuri Ayako
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
162.00 cm
50.00 kg
Blood Type
83.00 cm
58.00 cm
83.00 cm
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Popularity # 2723
Like # 2727
Trash # 2777

Ayako Mitsuzuri is a student at Homurahara Academy in Fate/stay night. She has a strong-looking appearance, but privately she is actually pretty feminine. This clashes with her image so she doesn't go around advertising it, but she doesn't really think it is a big deal herself. Ayako is an honourable and manly sort, but not violent. She is a dreamer and has some pretty high standards when it comes to potential boyfriends. Most of the boys at her school like her well enough but view her as more of a big sister, and their exaggerated respect sometimes gets on her nerves. She hides this side of herself in public in order to keep up appearances for her family, but she is a total gamer. Her family is quite strict about anything that is not related to martial arts, so Ayako is forced to play her video games secretly in her room. Ayako plays video games because she enjoys them, and practices martial arts out of a sense of duty. That is not to say she hates martial arts or anything, as she would not have become as skilled as she is if she didn't enjoy it on some level. In Fate/school life, it is shown that she likes to play Otome gamesWP, reserving and lining up to buy a copy of "Distant Love Revolution: Hazakura Romantic ~My Excalibur~". She is friends with both Shirou and Rin. While she treats Rin as her friend, she treats Shirou more like a rival. The three of them haven't noticed what a delicate relationship they have with each other. Her big-sisterly disposition exceeds even Rin's, and she is considered one of the top three students at Homurahara Academy to avoid picking a fight with. Even though her room at home looks more like it belongs to a little girl than a teenager, she has no qualms about inviting Rin over to hang out. After all, it is not that she has no interest in romance, it is just that she has a thing for older men. She holds the belief of a heroine that "Beauty must do martial arts". The whole "strict family" thing may be something she has in common with Kaede Makidera, but compared to Ayako, Kaede is a total free spirit.

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