Ayase Aragaki

Ayase Aragaki
Original Name
新垣 あやせ
Romaji Name
Aragaki Ayase
Appears In
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
July 26th 2009
166.00 cm
44.00 kg
Blood Type
80.00 cm
56.00 cm
83.00 cm
Popularity # 647
Like # 650
Trash # 703

Ayase Aragaki is part of the supporting cast of Oreimo. She is Kirino Kousaka's best friend, classmate and a fellow model like her. Ayase is a cute young girl with long dark hair (possibly black or dark blue) that has a lock of hair hanging from each side of her face with her fringes are separated in the middle, except for a small fringe that hangs from the middle and violet or blue eyes. Her choice of clothing is somewhat similar to Kirino Kousaka, though Ayase prefers a more conservative look. Her weight is 44 kg, she is 166 cm tall and her vital statistics are 80/56/83 cm. Ayase is a nice person to her classmates and Kirino Kousaka, whom she adores most as her best friend. She is usually soft-spoken and refined, but can also show a more aggressive side, especially when people lie to her, which she hates the most. Her reserved aggressive side often gained her a 'yandere' mark from her peers. Ultimately, however, she is a refined person who retains a sweet and kind personality towards those she cares for. She also appears to show a different kind of affection towards Kirino, showing a certain interest in seeing Kirino shine in whatever she is good at, to the point that Ayase displayed disbelief upon discovering Kirino's hobby. Ayase has always believed that the Kirino who excels in everything is the "true Kirino", only for her belief to be shattered by Kirino herself upon her revelation of how she loved anime, manga and gaming. Ayase is also shown to be very protective of Kirino and shows an extremely aggressive and scary side when Kirino is threatened. When Ayase learns the "truth" about Kyousuke Kousaka's and Kirino's relationship, she immediately threatens Kyousuke to leave Kirino alone and says that she will protect her from him. Later, Ayase texts Kyousuke saying that if he were ever to harass Kirino, she would beat him to death.

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