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Known as the troublemaker of the household, Ayato is an attention seeker and loves mischief. He looks down on others and loves to bully and tease people. He refers to himself most of the time as "Ore-sama" and he calls Yui 「乳なし」 ("No breasts" in English) Ayato is quite the rebel and has a passion for torture devices; such as the Iron Maiden and a device like that can be found in his room, which he uses instead a bed (the spikes are removed). He is also the type who always brags about himself; sometimes commanding everyone to call him Ayato-sama. It is also noted that he eats a lot (though only if it is his favorite food). Ayato stated that vampires need to drink blood to savor the taste. His favorite food is takoyaki and gets very angry if someone eats his food. Ayato uses vulgar language at times. Ayato would insult his mother, as well as his father, and his brothers by telling them off and calling them names (always giving others nicknames) such as calling Kanato a hysteric and Reiji, "shichisan megane". He also tends to be arrogant as he always calls himself the strongest and the best. And whenever things go his way, he does not act surprised. And when he wants to do so, he will make a prank on anybody. Ayato is very energetic and loves sports; basketball being his favorite. Ayato has stated that anything is fine as long as there's a goal to reach for and that sports is his strong point. Ayato has a hard time expressing his feelings and he tends to get quickly jealous of anything. Ayato tends to hide his true feelings with insulting words. Ayato is the oldest triplet, with Laito being the youngest and Kanato being the middle. Even though the first to be born is Laito, the order of the triplets is determined by an old Japanese tradition where the last one to be born is considered the oldest, in a multiple birth, making him the third son. Ayato was the one to get the most attention of his mother.

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