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Azelle is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. A mage and nobleman of Velthomer, and a descendant of Fjalar, he is also the son of Victor and paternal younger half-brother of Arvis, with his mother being Cigyun's favorite maid. Azelle is shy and studious, with both traits being exemplified when compared to his hotheaded friend Lex and his happy-go-lucky childhood friend Tailtiu. This may be attributed to the fact that he is the bastard child of Victor, resulting in him being constantly bullied by most of his peers. Worried about the cleric Edain, Azelle, along with his close friend Lex, both joined Sigurd's army in the events of the prologue chapter. He is also childhood friends with the Thunder Mage Tailtiu. Azelle's fate after the Battle of Belhalla is unknown, with certain rumors suggesting that he is taken into custody by Arvis, and others suggesting that he succumbs to an unnamed illness. This is most likely credited to Arvis's words to Sigurd, "Azelle may be a half-brother of mine, but he means the world to me." Shouzou Kaga originally intended for Azelle to appear in the second generation, where it is discovered that he has been turned into a statue, alongside the other survivors from the Battle of Belhalla.

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