Chizuru Azuma

Chizuru Azuma
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Azuma Chizuru
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Chizuru Azuma is a second year college student. She is a recurring character in the Juujika no Rokunin manga series. Azuma is a young high school girl with short black hair and a well proportioned figure. She is described as many to be well proportioned. Five years later, she had grown slightly taller and her hair now reaches her shoulders. Azuma is a very timid girl, who is a love interest for Uruma in the plot. She is shown romantic feelings for Uruma, although she does not know of Uruma's true nature and goal. It is shown that due to her feelings for Uruma, she can display strong feelings of jealousy towards those who she thinks Uruma could consider a romantic interest. This is shown when she shows her development of jealousy towards Kaname when she and Uruma were elected as the two main characters of an upcoming Romeo and Juliet play, even showing anger when she saw Uruma and Kaname speaking.

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