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Azura is a main playable character and the deuteragonist in Fire Emblem Fates. She is a princess of Valla and Nohr who was captured and imprisoned in Hoshido. Due to the heavy rejection, bullying, and discrimination she faced in her time as a princess in Nohr, and the distrust from some of the people in Hoshido due to said Nohrian ties, Azura developed a reserved and stoic personality, sprouting from her fear of provocation, persecution, and rejection, only opening up to people she is close to. This stoicism can sometimes cause her to hurt others' feelings without meaning to, like in her support with Elise, though via bluntness rather than naiveté, as she is not afraid of telling someone what she thinks of them, and actually tries to help those she criticizes overcome a flaw or problem by pointing it out to them. Said traits were even worse in her youth, as seen with her young variant in Heroes, who believes it is inevitable for her to be mistreated whenever she meets someone, even if said person is amicable, and actively rejects any sort of comfort despite wishing deeply for it as well as wanting to have a sense of belonging. She is well aware of these things, as she does not want this happening to her children, if she is married, and wants them to stay the way they are, rather than have them grow up like her. When she does open up, she proves to have quite the mischievous side, as seen when she teases Sakura by scaring her with ghost stories. Azura feels guilty that she received the love from the Hoshidan people and the royal siblings that rightfully belonged to Corrin. This is stated directly to Corrin as well as through her supports with Hinoka and Ryoma, where she tells them that they no longer need to love her now that their rightful sibling has returned to them. However, both have expressed that their familial love for her has always been real and regardless of her true origins, she is still their sister. While she still feels guilty, she becomes much less hard on herself as a result. When she reunites with her step-siblings, she learns that all of them (except for Elise before she was born) still care about her and have never forgotten about her despite the other Nohrians' mistreatment toward her. In Revelation Chapter 12, Azura appreciates when Camilla referred to her as her adorable sister. In her support with Xander, he allowed her to meet with them regularly and eat with them. In her support with Leo, she is caught by Leo while she's singing, which he calls a lovely melody and Azura attempted to forget her time in Nohr, with Leo having heard stories about how she and her mother were mistreated. In her support with Xander in Warriors, she appreciates when he always acknowledges her as his younger sister and even felt when he lost his own family member as she was kidnapped by the Hoshidans. Although she can get slightly emotional at times, Azura is kindhearted and surprisingly knowledgeable about many things, some of which others would not know about. This is namely information of Valla, her unique ability to manipulate water through the use of her necklace and a brief history about dragons and degeneration from her mother. Although she is more cynical and world-weary than Corrin, she shares their conviction in trying to make the world a better place and wanting to be with Corrin until the very end of the path to see peace. Normally neat and tidy, she has the worst cases of bed hair in the army and is a restless sleeper. To add some light, she also has a weakness for cute things and enjoys telling scary stories, while in her Support with Xander, it's revealed that she's a bit of a glutton.

dancer bangs blue eyes blue hair deuteragonist fair skin large breasts playable character princess very long hair noble royalty thin eyebrows
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