Bachiko Barbatos

Bachiko Barbatos
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Barbatos Bachiko is one of the prestigious professors at Babyls Academy, a school in the demon world and a candidate for the seat on 13 Crowns, heroes of the demon world. Bachiko is shorter than Iruma Suzuki. She has long, twin-tailed magenta hair and wears a shortsleeved frilled dress with striped stockings and bow-tied shoes. She is often depicted with jailbar teeth and she always has a toothpick hanging out of her mouth. Initially, Bachiko comes off as a stereotypical delinquent brat: Loud, short-tempered, selfish, and tomboyish. This attitude is later revealed to have developed as a result of her frustration, after the countless demons she attempted to teach her skills to ultimately all gave up because they lacked the patience to master archery. However, she also is shown to recognize and respect when a person is truly committed to learning the skills she endeavors to pass on to them, as proves to be the case with Iruma.

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