Baek Yoonho Husbando

Baek Yoonho
Original Name
Romaji Name
Baek Yoonho
Appears In
Solo Leveling
Place of Origin
Seoul, Korea
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Submitted By
Haru Shiiba
Popularity # 24821
Like # 30045
Trash # 12109

Baek Yoonho (‎백윤호) is a Korean S-Rank hunter who specializes in transformation magic and the Guild Master of the White Tiger Guild Baek is a muscular young man with spiky orange hair, orange eyes, pronounced canine teeth, and neatly trimmed sideburns. He is typically seen wearing a black tux. During the Jeju Island Raid, he wore a black armor with yellow shoulder guards, gray pants, and a set of golden claws. When using his powers, his eyes glow yellow, his hair turns white, and his pupils become slits Baek is an ambitious and serious man who cares for his guild members, as demonstrated when he left his original guild to create his own, nearly got into a fight with Hwang Dongsoo when the man choked one of his employees, and then tried to force an explanation from Jinwoo when only three of his guild members survived the Red Gate Incident. He is also curious and notably perceptive, as he was the first person to realize that Jinwoo had no limit to his strength

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