Ban Husbando

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Ban is the Fox's Sin of Greed of the Seven Deadly Sins, the husband of Elaine, father of Lancelot, and the king of Benwick. His Sacred Treasure is the Holy Rod Courechouse. He is known for his super resilience due to his time spent in Purgatory, and formerly, his immortality which he gave up in order to resurrect Elaine. His Power is Snatch. Ban is a very tall, muscular man with pale tan skin, who possesses a set of well-developed abdominal muscles and usually has a slouch. He has short, spiky, pale blue hair and thin black eyebrows, and scarlet-red eyes. On the left side of his jaw and extending down to his neck, he has a large scar given to him by Meliodas. At the end of the Baste Dungeon Arc, he is shown wearing a red leather jacket and pants with metal studs sewn into both alongside shoes of a similar, yet darker color. Ten years ago, Ban wore a full set of red armor with a helmet like the rest of his teammates and wielded either a three-sectioned staff or a rapier. During his imprisonment at the Baste Dungeon, his hair had grown past his shoulders, and he had also grown a large beard and mustache. However, soon after escaping his cell, he utilized Jericho's attacks to trim away his facial hair and to reduce his long hairstyle. Due to losing his shirt during his fight against King in the Capital of the Dead Arc, Ban decided to wear an apron until he was able to find a similar set of clothes during the Vaizel Fight Festival. His Seven Deadly Sins symbol of the Fox is located above his waist on his left side. His wanted poster image, which is slightly accurate, depicts him with long hair that extends past his shoulders. The image also displays a clear view of his distinctive scar. After leaving the Boar Hat, Ban wore a dark red long coat. The long coat has a wide, open collar which exposes a large amount of his chest and has a brown belt with a silver buckle. The bottom half of the long coat flares out and has pockets. He is shown wearing his old red leather pants with metal studs sewn into the forearms of the coat alongside shoes of a similar, yet darker color. In Purgatory, Ban wears a long-sleeved red jacket with a leopard-like pattern design, made with the skin of the local species; it has a high collar that slopes backward, and the jacket is wide open reaching up to his pectoral muscles, exposing his upper-body. His pants are yellowish-green and feature black blotches on the right side. Ban is shown to be a passionate man. He takes actions based on whatever catches his interest such as escaping from prison after hearing his captain was alive[4] and trying to steal Meliodas' sword, Dragon Handle, in order to discover why it was so important to him.[6] He has shown some aspects of greed as well as selfish desire; however, he will stay his hand if he is given a good reason to stop. He has a strange habit of making singing tones while talking, which he developed at a young age after he was adopted by Zhivago. Though he can be selfish and greedy, he is also shown to be caring, which is shown when he rushed toward Elaine to save her despite being a "bad person". Ban is easily surprised and excited as shown when he discovers Hawk's ability to talk and that the child he was fighting is actually King. Furthermore, when King transformed back into his previous, larger form, Ban was the only one who appeared to be astonished. Ban carries a deep hatred toward the Demon Clan, holding a grudge against them for killing Elaine, and he despises the very thought of resurrecting the clan. Occasionally, Ban seems to act out of character. When Ban was planning to get the Horn of Cernunnos located under Kingdom of Liones' castle to revive Elaine, he was planning to save the kingdom and be given the horn as a reward rather than stealing it for unknown reasons. Additionally, Ban has told the other Deadly Sins to not get into Meliodas' past as it was against their rules. Ban even told Meliodas that killing Dale as he is was the best thing for him, and that he should not be naive.

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