Basilio Husbando

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The West-Khan of the country Ferox, Basilio was the reigning Khan for several years behind his prized champion Lon'qu. However, Lon'qu was bested by Marth and became his new champion for the Ferox tournament. Marth was soundly beaten by Chrom and Basilio lost his ruling status to Flavia. Out of admiration for Chrom's skill, he lends Lon'qu to their cause. Basilio assists Chrom during the Ylisse-Plegia war, fighting alongside his warriors. Though Chrom's army makes it to Plegia Castle, their rescue fails and results in the death of Emmeryn. Basilio prevents Chrom from recklessly trying to kill Gangrel and forces him to retreat for now. Back at Ferox, Chrom's army raises their leader's spirit. Basilio recognizes Chrom's resolve and vows to help him defeat Gangrel once and for all. Two years after the defeat of Gangrel the continent of Ylisse, mainly Port Ferox, is attacked by Valmese forces. After the battle, Basilio is shocked that his countrymen had difficulty defeating the invaders, and that if his people have trouble, everyone is in danger. With Robin's decision, they decide to invade Valm to remove the threat of the Valmese, who are being led by Walhart the Conqueror. After capturing Steiger Fortress, word arrives that the armies sent to attack the Valm nation to the north and the Chon'sin country to the south were crushed. Robin suggests sending a small group to the north to stall Walhart, which Basilio volunteers to lead. However, Lucina attempts to stop Basilio, as in her timeline, he was killed during this stall attempt. Basilio ignores her warning, telling her that he is not easy to kill. Nevertheless, Flavia joins him to increase the odds of survival.

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