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Beast Man
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Original Beast Man was Skeletor's closest and most loyal follower in the then quite small band of Evil Warriors. He was a ferocious man-beast who could summon most of the wild creatures of Eternia to aid in Skeletor's schemes. In the stories written by Paul Kupperberg for DC Comics, Beast Man, also spelled Beastman and Beast-Man, was presented much the same way as he was in the early Mini-comics. He was very loyal to Skeletor, even offering to pummel Mer-Man, whom he considered a coward. He was also seen commanding an army of Beastmen from the same tribe as himself. Filmation Beast Man was the henchman most often at Skeletor's side; he had the power to telepathically control most of the beasts and animals on Eternia. While he did possess a certain cunning, his talents were often unappreciated by Skeletor, who frequently made Beast Man the main object of his wrath; frequently blaming him when a scheme failed. Beast Man resented being bossed around by Skeletor, but lacked the courage to stand up to him. Over time, he became more bumbling and comedic. DC comics appearances: He-Man The Eternity War (2015—2016) He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse (2020—2020)

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