Becky Blackbell

Becky Blackbell
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Bekkī Burakkuberu
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104.00 cm
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Becky Blackbell is one of the main characters of the SPY x FAMILY series. She is the daughter of the CEO of Blackbell Heavy Industries, a major military manufacturer. She attends Eden Academy as part of Cecile Hall, Group 3, and is Anya Forger's best friend. Becky has shoulder-length dark brown hair with uneven bangs that are swept to the side and held with a hairclip that resembles a lit bomb. Her hair is typically tied into two side ponytails. She lets her hair down when she’s not at school. Her light brown eyes are narrow with double eyelids, and prominent upper and lower eyelashes. The eyebrows above her eyes are thin and short, and there is usually a slight blush on her face. Like all other female students, she is usually seen wearing the Eden Academy uniform. Her hair is typically tied up with pink scrunchies, though she wears ribbons instead during the interclass dodgeball match. Becky is a very kind child, but with her being the daughter of a major military manufacturer, she is shown to be somewhat prideful and tries to be mature, initially attempting to take Anya under her wing as an act of benevolence when she sees her as a brat. She does not attempt to get close to Damian Desmond despite his social position, even looking down on their classmates who try to befriend Damian and even Anya, who was bullied by Damian's group during their orientation. However, Anya's smug smile later won over Becky's admiration and respect. Becky is quite patient, going along with Anya's desire to be called "Starlight Anya" after her success at getting a Stella Star. She is seen to also have a somewhat low outlook on monetary value as seen when she shows little interest in mentioning how she gained presents such as a diamond embedded doll, and her own small house in her yard for doing well in school. Becky is also a caring and protective girl as seen when she often confronts Damian whenever he bullies Anya, even saying that she'll protect her no matter what. Becky is also a romantic girl, being a big fan of romance movies and television shows like Berlint in Love, which she enjoys watching in her free time. She even thinks that Anya's efforts to get along with Damian is because Anya has a crush on him and tries to help her win his heart. Becky can be mean, though she rarely shows this side of herself. Whenever arguing with Damian and his friends, she throws back just as nasty insults when they insult her and Anya. When George Glooman arrived at school the day after he claimed that he would have to leave Eden due to his family company's apparent bankruptcy, Becky coldly told George to return the gifts their classmates gave to him, which she later brought up as leverage to get a macaron from him.

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