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160.00 cm
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84.00 cm
63.00 cm
91.00 cm
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Belphegor is the Demon King of Sloth, known for being lazy or unwilling.Belphegor has a semi-animalistic appearance, with goat ears, light-tan skin, short white hair with a butt-length rat-tail, two green-and-yellow horns going straight up on her forehead, and a huge black-and-yellow striped tail ending in a three-fingered purple claw at the end. Her claw is prehensile and can be used as well as her hands. True to her name, she casually wears a big white long-sleeved shirt buttoned only at the navel, white thong panties, white slouch-socks, and a pair of white earrings. Belphegor has a white rose shaped tattoo between the top of her breasts. Belphegor also has a black or grey bow-ribbon tied around her neck along with a little bell. She has three black straps around the uppermost portion of her thighs and a single black strap around the uppermost portion of her arms. She always carries with her a stone jug of sake on a blue string.Belphegor spends the day and night almost without moving one inch, and almost all the business she takes care of is within the range of her tail. She especially likes drinking sake, reading manga, watching anime, playing videogames (both console and online), browsing the internet, and generally spending time with her electronic devices (PC, tablet, consoles) and it’s only when enjoying these that she spares no efforts, or rather exerts all efforts. Despite her sin, Belphegor is surprisingly a good listener. She responds to Belial's orders, while still paying attention to her hobbies. She still acknowledges Lucifer's assault on the Demon Kings, but simply refuses to do anything about it without a very good reason.

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