Benio Yonomori

Benio Yonomori
Original Name
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 4136
Like # 4444
Trash # 2903

To her schoolmates, Benio is smart, athletic, and is extremely popular to the point where people are jealous of Mashiro since she tends to be showered with attention. Articles are written in the school newsletter about her achievements. She is presumably dedicated to her student council work as she leaves the house early to do it. However, she can be possessive, especially of Kobeni. Benio also has an obsession with young-looking girls such as Mashiro and even Shirayuki. She frequently invites Mashiro to the student council room for tea and cookies, or other pastries. She blames herself for Kobeni's accident, since she was supposed to go up into the mountains with their grandfather instead of Kobeni, but she asked him to bring her along instead since she wanted to play with some friends. Sometimes, she is so caught up in her daydreams that she loses what little common sense she has.

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