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Bercouli, also known as Bercouli Synthesis One was a supporting character in the Alicization Arc. He was one of the founders of Rulid Village, as well as the leader of the Integrity Knights, and the oldest Integrity Knight in existence. Bercouli's weapon of choice was the Time Piercing Sword. Bercouli lived some time between the founding of the Axiom Church and the usurpation of power of Quinella over the Cardinal System. At that time, Bercouli was both an unparalleled swordsman who had even won in the Empire Swordsmanship Tournament and a hero who loathed the rule of the Axiom Church, thus he led his comrades to one of the remotest region of the Human Empire where they pioneered their own village, named Rulid, where Bercouli became the first guard chief of the village. However, at some point after Quinella became the Administrator, Bercouli found his way to the «North Cave» where he attempted to cross into the Dark Territory. Sensing this, Quinella abducted Bercouli and used him as the first test subject in her experiments on manipulating Fluctlights. Most of Bercouli's memories were damaged during the experiments and he was later frozen to be preserved for future experiments. However, when Quinella failed in her attempt to take control of a nun’s body and accidentally allowed Cardinal to assume the young girl’s body and escape into the Great Library Room, Quinella decided to create absolutely loyal escorts to protect her. Bercouli was then unfrozen and subjected to the Synthesis Ritual, during which he became the first Integrity Knight.

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