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Beruka is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates and an ally on the Conquest and Revelation Routes. Beruka, raised as an assassin committed to executing her cold-blooded duties with no emotion, generally comes off as very cold, stoic, unfeeling and distant. As a result of her upbringing, she is thus chronically incapable of expressing her emotions and understanding the intentions of others, a fact that is expounded upon throughout the support conversations that she shares with various characters. Beruka's supports with Corrin, for one, see her coldly responding to their attempts to befriend her with suspicion and distrust. Her S support with Leo also advances this fact, where she, in response to his marriage proposal, expresses confusion over the warm feelings of love that she finds herself harboring for him. As a running theme in her Supports as they advance, not only is she often confused by her feelings of affection regarding those around her, she also begins to warm up to others considerably. This is most obviously shown in her language, which goes from superficially deferential and self-effacing to genuinely polite and hospitable, showing a much kinder and genuine interior than she typically allows herself. Beruka is also neither sadistic or cruel; she views killing simply as something she has done all her life and thus something she cannot leave, or possibly as a way to feel needed by others. Beruka also demonstrates kindness and self sacrifice in her relationships with others despite her icy exterior, always putting the safety and happiness of others before her own. Due to being fully devoted to her duties as a master assassin, Beruka does not seem to devote any energy towards activities outside of her royal duties. Unable to grasp the concept of engaging in hobbies for the sake of pleasure, she is typically known to wait idly when not actively performing her duties. Her supports with Jakob show that due to being raised in the slums, the only thing she learned throughout her life was killing people. It is also shown that she prefers working alone and does not like working with others, as her support with Laslow reveals that as a result of being interfered with, she cannot complete her mission. Despite the emotionless figure that she cuts, Beruka has been portrayed as being aware and extremely uncomfortable with the fact that she is immune to experiencing the emotions that are typical of the human condition. She is known to express envy towards others for their ability to freely experience emotions, incapable of comprehending why she is unable to emulate their example. Beruka's supports with Odin best illustrates this fact, as she directly interrupts his flowery harangue with a request for him to conjure a spell to help recall the feelings that she is unable to experience to her, attributing this to a desire to be able to being able to connect with the other members of the army. Though she does not abide by any insults towards her ability as an assassin and insists that she does not care about what others think of her, Beruka is actually extremely sensitive - she admits to Camilla that she is self conscious over how poor she is in conversations and to Azama that she believes she has brought only evil into the world. Beruka does not consider herself human either, going so far as to refer to herself as a monster; this is shown in her supports with Oboro, where after explaining to her that her mentor killed her parents, she offers her the chance to kill her as an extension of her grudge. She is the most immune to poison.

armor assassin blue hair medium breasts playable playable character purple eyes short hair stoic bob cut headband
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