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Beta (Βήτα) is the second member of Shadow Garden, supporting her master Shadow against the Order of Diabolos. Outside of her Shadow Garden activities, she adopts the identity of Natsume, an up-and-coming author of numerous "original" pieces of literature. Beta is a beautiful young voluptuous Elf with blue pupils and shoulder-length silver hair with a left braid behind her ear, as well as a mole underneath the corner of her eye on the same side. Her Shadow Garden outfit consists of a low-cut dark slime suit that exposes her cleavage with golden decorations around her chest, shoulder, arms and waist. While posing as Natsume, her civilian attire comprises a white ruffle blouse that also reveals her cleavage, a dark mini-skirt skirt, black stockings, and high heels. Additionally, she also adorns a pair of glasses and necklaces, as well as a scarf around her waist. Beta is a dedicated and loyal subordinate to Shadow Garden. She is both a great analyst, using information presented to her or she has gained from her missions, and a warrior, leading her team members to victory. While conversing with others, she remains calm and responds to them in a sophisticated manner. As Miss Natsume, she presents herself as a calm, humble young woman but won't hesitate to use her beauty to entrap her targets and get what she wants. Beyond her loyalty to Shadow Garden is her loyalty to her master, Cid Kagenou. Beta is in love with him. She dreams of one day embracing into his arms with the extremest of passions. Because of this, she gets extremely jealous of any girl who isn't from Shadow Garden and attempts to get close to him, particularly Princess Alexia Midgar. While off or during her duty, she has a hobby of writing a book entitled "The Chronicles of Master Shadow". Her goal is to one day, stand next to Shadow with the power to support him in everything he does.

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