Bibimi Kenranzaki

Bibimi Kenranzaki
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March 5th
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Bibimi Kenranzaki is a student of U.A. High School's Department of Support from Class 3-G and is the two-time winner of the U.A. School Festival's Miss Con. Bibimi is a young woman with long, blonde hair which would reach down to her waist if it wasn’t always worn in her signature style; two tightly curled rolls on each side of her face and a wide, folded bun at the back with three more curled rolls beneath it. She has ridiculously long eyelashes, made even longer by the excessive makeup she wears, and is always seen with dark lipstick on. In her Miss Con attire, she wears a kimono-like dress with a scale pattern, a beaded necklace, a wide crown with carvings in its central plate and flowers around her neck. However, in the anime she is shown to wear a pink kimono-sleeved dress, with patterns on the sleeves and a cotton trim around the neck. She has a Taisho-era style hairpin, and a white pearl necklace as well. Having won U.A.’s Miss Con twice in a row, Bibimi shows to be quite vain and prideful when it comes to her looks and beauty, which leads to her acting in a condescending manner towards the other pageant contestants. Additionally, aside from her excessive amounts of makeup and overly haughty attitude, she does prove to be quite extravagant as she contended in U.A.’s Miss Con while riding a tank built in her own image. Despite this, Bibimi does prove that she has a good heart, as she put the pageant aside in order to assist Mei Hatsume in finding a lost remote for one of her inventions and also helped her calm down beforehand. Bibimi also reveals not to be above commending others despite seeming narcissistic for the most part, as she congratulated Nejire for her victory in U.A.’s Miss Con.

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